Isabel. California. I fail at life. Jared Padalecki is my imaginary moose husband

I lost my shoe
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#all the awards to jensen ackles #because really #you can literally see what’s going on in dean’s mind #like at first he can’t believe it #he calls his name #twice #because he can’t believe he’s actually gone #maybe he’s hoping it’s like with pamela #cas burnt her eyes out but she was still alive #but then #man #then you see him almost nodding #because of course kevin is dead #and of course dean thinks it’s his fault #kevin /trusted/ him #and this what happens when people trust him, right? #’i guess that’s what i do #i let down the people i love’


do you ever just look at your bookshelf and realize you literally have hundreds of dollars invested in it!?


I don’t know about you, but I love the tumblr side of the family. We’re not hung up on bugging them and trying to get a follow on twitter. At the end of the day, we dedicate our lives and our blogs to them.

oh how much i love that this is the first result of “Nash Grier” on urban dictionary



We should fear this guy


dont fucking spread it. just fucking dont dont reblog dont revine dont text your friends the link.


I get really pissed off when people think Zayn isn’t the hottest member of One Direction like why are people taste so bad? Why would you pick the frog prince Harry? Why do you think that blonde hobbit is cute? You could swap Liam with an Enchilada and it would take 45 minutes to notice, and whats that others ones name? 


we’re listening to the radio in class and amnesia came on and this guy was like “why would u wanna wake up with amnesia?” and this other guy was like “to forget about the stupid little things bro”